Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cotton Candy

The Weekend:
Laundry: Check; Movie (PPV): Check; Laundry (a lot of laundry!): Check; Church: Check; Naps: Check. It was a pretty standard weekend here at Industrial Country Worldwide Headquarters. Besides the above, I also created a few more test designs and refined others. With a look at opening the store this week, I want to finalize the few products I’m launching with and continue testing new ones.

This is one of my current favorite tests (please ignore cardstock color – I use scraps to cut test designs):

I love how it turned out but it’s so complex that it took awhile to cut – if I remember, about 15 minutes. That’s way too long to make production 'money-smart' right now but I’ll keep it filed in case I grow large enough to buy a high speed cutter; this design would be more manageable then. It'd be so pretty in white or pink or red, maybe even black. I should make a gift box with this design for Mr. Bee's Valentine's Day present - I'll take a few pictures if I do.

These just arrived at Industrial Country.

So cute! Love polka dots.. They'll be debuting at an etsy shop near you soon.

I’ve also finished the little heart garland kit; it takes about 5 minutes - tops - to put together and adds a little Valentine’s touch to any space. It’s double-sided so you can hang one over a doorway or over the bathroom mirror or on your cube wall at work...wherever it strikes your fancy. There’ll be a few of these kits in the store when it opens so you can get one for you and one for your love.

Speaking of love...I Love (capital L) baker’s twine; it’s old fashioned, it’s cotton, it’s sturdy, it’s cute! I love, even more, that it comes in so many great colors now; happy colors and bright, they look like tiny little candy sticks (that makes it cotton candy, right?). I want to make so many things with this twine: pom-pom garlands, wraps for votive candles, embroidered tags and cards - all kinds of cute stuff. As usual, more ideas than time but that's a great problem to have...I'm not complaining!

Speaking of ideas, I'm getting back to work.


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