Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Slick Counters

 I looked at my blog using my phone yesterday. Shock and horror! My pictures weren't displaying. Such a rookie mistake...  I fixed the links this morning, though, so we're back in business (she said, blushing).

 I did do a little unconventional baking this weekend, and it worked. As promised, here are a few pictures:

I mixed up a spice cake batter, thinning it a little bit by adding an extra ¼ cup of milk. Then I just heated up the waffle maker and started filling it with the cake batter. The first one was a mess! I put waaay too much batter in the test waffle and it overflowed onto the counter and stuck all over the machine. Waffles two and three were progressively better and 4-36 were perfect. By number 12, I was cruising...until I knocked over the open bottle of Wesson oil. That took a while to clean up, believe me, we had some slick counters for awhile.

The rest of the weekend was the normal stuff: hanging out, watching movies, naps and church. Lovely and very nice to have that extra holiday Monday to do more of the same!

On Tuesday, I worked a few hours in my doctor’s office, preparing her billing statements, etc. I do it every week. It’s a huge blessing for me as she has a retainer-based medical practice; working for her helps to offset the cost for my husband and me (my husband is self-employed and I’m (currently) unemployed; we have no health insurance). We are happy to have a great doctor; she’s literally been a life saver for me.

Speaking of unemployment, more designs are coming off the cutter almost as we speak! I’m working primarily on paper products for Valentine’s Day, weddings and showers. I have hundreds of ideas...for signs, pillows, dish towels, accessories (more home décor stuff) floating around in my head but they’re all going to have to wait until after Industrial Country at etsy is back up and running again.

Which, I hope, is next week.


P.S. – The mouths at my house didn’t care for the waffle/cakes so I never made the icing I was planning on: cream cheese, maple, cinnamon. Yummy...which is why I didn’t make it...I would have had to eat it all!

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