Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Accidents!

This morning was my quick job at the doctor’s office and then back home for work. Still have a lot to get done, for heaven’s sake!

Making progress on the pictures... I’ve found one thing for sure; taking pictures with my phone is not the best way to go if I’m looking for quality. I mean, that probably seems obvious to a lot most of you but I’ve seen some great photos taken with phones. I thought it might work for me. Just sayin’...

I’ve finally gotten some color products. Pink and red for Valentine’s Day – although I’ve almost missed the window on that holiday! – but I’m glad that those colors will work year round, too.


I’m really liking the dotted-swiss glassine envelopes. They were created by happy accident...I was embossing something else and one of the envelopes snuck in. It looked great so they’re going in the shop as card, favor or gift envelopes. Hope others like them as much as I do.


Tomorrow will be in studio all day - which I’m typically not on Monday or Tuesday – so I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how much I’ll accomplish. Feeling positive on all fronts at this point and I swear the re-launch will happen tomorrow – even if it’s only one product!


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