Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Silver Linings

 I got a slow start this morning. My brain felt a bit thick, foggy, which is not surprising because that coincides with the weather outside...thick and foggy. I hoped the sun was going to come out at some time, but not one little ray found it to our corner of California today.

I’ve been incredibly frustrated these past few days as I’m sure my recent entries indicate. One day last week, I even wrote a blog entry promising pictures later in the afternoon and it never happened. Because every picture I took that day was so bad I couldn’t make them right no matter how much editing I attempted. I’ll never make the mistake of over-blog-promising again!

Turns out taking pictures outside with large, inanimate subjects was much easier than trying to capture smaller, more ephemeral subjects like paper goods - especially white paper goods - indoors. So I was churning a little bit this afternoon.

To forestall tearing out of hair, I called my Wonderful Neighbor Vickie...we both needed a break so she popped over for a visit. We discussed my stumbling block with pictures and she said “you need to give up that perfectionism”. Then I showed her the shots I took this morning and she said “you need help”. See!! It’s not just my imagination or some fear of failure or something. I really am bad at taking pictures.

There is, though, a potential silver lining. It turns out that Wonderful Neighbor Vickie's son’s girlfriend is taking photography classes and might have some skillz; photography skillz! I get to meet her on Friday to pick her brain and discuss solutions. Woo hoo. 

Oh – there was another silver lining, too. Wonderful Neighbor Vickie loves all of my products and bought two before leaving. How's that for enouraging?!

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