Friday, February 8, 2013

The Pep Squad

Now that my studio is much more workable – and becoming more so every day – I feel added pressure to produce, create, succeed... I have no reason to fail now, right? I have every tool, all the time, all the space, right? No excuses...

But I really can’t look at things in that way; so black and white and absolute. That’s what crushes creativity...that thinking creates fear. Fear not only crushes creativity, it crushes a lot of other things we were meant to enjoy in life. It’s the greatest enemy of love and joy and creativity and freedom.

I’m going to have to keep at being my own pep squad - silently cheering myself on when my mind starts thinking I'm losing the game. Forget ‘no excuses’, ‘no fear’ is what I’m focusing on. Every day that I take steps with that focus in mind is a win...for me and, eventually, for my business.

I took some more pics today; things are getting better in that department every day. I was shooting more to test the light than for the composition of the picture itself so they look a little plain. But...this was on a very gray day and I think with the editing I did in Photoshop, they’re acceptable for adding to the shop. That’s way encouraging.

With a few more details and some more effort at composition, miracles (like shop openings) could happen!

These are my babies, my buddies, my studio cats, etc. (also known as Chloe and Gracie). You know it’s cold here when these two share a bed!

Mr. Bee has built a fire in the library/den/thingy room; I’m heading out there to heat up my old bones.

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  1. I tried to comment the day before yesterday, but my iPad can be dumb! Anyways, I wanted to say that those top photos are looking etsy-worthy...go for it!! These will definitely hold their own in your etsy shop. Get it up!! Maybe include a long shot of the entire garland? Sweet!