Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot Wheels

Happy Tuesday!

Has anyone noticed changes around here? I thought so...

That's because you're looking at my new blog. It seemed that my previous blog might have encountered issues down the line because of name confusion. Mine was too close to someone else's and since I'm building a business from scratch, I didn't want any confusion or heartache down the road. I would like this brand to be clear and unique from the start.

So here we are - Industrial Country. A little bit farm, a little bit factory. It's really my design style. I like comfortable and casual and occasionally a little chippy and rusty. I love natural fabrics - especially cotton, muslin and linen - and furniture used in different ways than it was originally intended. And I LOVE furniture on wheels.

Like this piece of furniture. I won it at an auction last week - but that's another entry for another day. It's an enamel kitchen cart; a little rare because it has a drawer - which the auctioneer was quick to point out, to my dismay. I didn't want anyone bidding against me! Obviously, I won the bid and this little cart came home with me.

As with most things I find, it requires a little scrubbing. And even at that, it'll still be a bit chippy and rough...perfectly imperfect. Just like I like it.

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