Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today's Pick

I junk, thrift, pick, whatever you’d like to call it. I go to auctions and warehouses and thrift stores and antique malls. Soon, I hope to go to salvage yards and junk yards and farm yards as well.

I believe there are a few peeps out there who don’t love the term ‘pick’. But I’m no snob - I don’t have any notion that what I’m doing is high end antique sales and that’s okay with me. My style is much more eclectic than formal, more farm and cozy than city and minimalist. 

As I’m pretty new at this, I’m out a lot discovering new sources. The potential where I live is great – I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.  Yesterday, I was surfing craigslist and found several references to a thrift store called 4 Sisters Thrift. I’d never been there before so I put it on my list for a visit today.

Okay, first of all? It was packed. With stuff. An incredible range of stuff. Some things were priced to sell while other items were out of my range. Vintage mixed with new, cast iron pans to lederhosen (yes, lederhosen!) The store is run by two sets of two sisters (I met one ‘set’ today and they were awesome and so helpful!) – they all quit their day jobs to go into this business together and have been making a go of it for almost 2.5 years. I like that story.

Tomorrow....pictures of my haul for today (I'd have them for you today but I can't find my camera...). Good stuff, people!! Come visit me on July 1st at The Groves in Irvine, CA, and see it all close up and personal.

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