Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Official

So,’s official: Industrial Country is in business! Business name, seller’s permit, a bank account...even the ability to take credit cards! All registered, signed, stamped and linked.

That’s all exciting enough but what makes me the happiest is my logo. It fits the business name: the gears for Industrial and the rooster for Country. I like the fonts, the colors, the overall design and the ability it gives me to create strong branding for my company.

I’m going to order my business cards and hang tags (for pricing) soon after I finish this post. The front of the hang tags look like this:

They’re designed “2-up” on a business card (something I learned from creative genius Cathe Holden’s blog). This is what the back of the tags looks like:

When I get my order, I’ll cut each card in half lengthwise, making two narrower tags, punch a small hole at the top of each, and thread baker’s twine through to finish them off (I’ll post pictures of the finished product once I have a few completed).

Now that I’ve finished the logo design, I’ll be changing the header of this blog soon. I don’t think it’s the last change that’ll be taking place here at Industrial Country. I hope you’ll bear with me as everything finds a place around here and the dust settles on the construction of this establishment.

Let me know what you think of Industrial Country's new design – your opinions are valued!

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