Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh Happiness!

Okay, now I’m really happy and excited. I officially have a space at the Grove Antique Market this Sunday. It’s going to happen and I’m just about ready...just about.

My business cards and price tags arrived yesterday. I’m putting finishing touches on flowers and ephemera kits. I need to bring: work gloves, cleaning solution, a roll of paper towels, bags, wrapping paper, credit card scanner, bungee cords, band aids, Chap Stick... on and on. I’m sure I’ll forget something but I’m just going to have to make do. I certainly won’t be running home for any last minute emergencies!

These pictures are of more of the metal I’ll be selling on Sunday. The locker bank is pretty big – wider than it is high – and also has a stand to lift it up off the floor. I’m planning on selling the set together but I checked to see if they can be taken apart and they can...relatively easily. If no one decides to buy the entire set, I’ll certainly think about splitting the group into smaller sets...I’m flexible!

This cabinet is so cute I’m tempted to keep it myself. That’s one of the challenges of being a junker...I love all of the little orphans I find. And I can imagine how they’d look in my home, where I would use them, what I would do to put my own stamp of personalization on them.

But I don’t. I leave them untouched and un-retouched...because I want my customers to be able to imagine something in their own home, in just the right spot, with just the right amount of personalization. The way they will love it.


  1. ... And don't forget a mailing/email sign up page for all your new fans!!

  2. Miss Bee, what happened to the pages on the tablecloths and jars, etc.??