Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Like I Was Saying...

Hello, Wednesday! I have some pictures for you, as promised, and I’m going to tell you about a cool app I recently downloaded to help run my empire business. I’m amazed at how many technologies are available these days to ease the operation of small businesses.

Anyway...these pictures are from a few recent trips I’ve made on my journeys of discovery.  I think we can begin to identify trends...metal, wheels, vintage glass and milk glass.

Milk glass cosmetic containers. So heavy and ornate, some of them...little works of art.

Love the metal file unit above – paint it, put some casters on it and it’d be great next to the tub in any bathroom...or next to the bed in a teen’s room...or even used as a file/organizer in an office.

This little box is metal, covered with a heavy paper, I believe, and velvet-lined drawers. Not for long, though...the velvet’s not great so it’s getting ripped out – down to the bare metal. No surprise, I’m sure, I’ll take a rough metal box over an icky velvet box any day.

This is the app that I referred to earlier. I downloaded it when I applied for the Square reader. Like their television ad says, it took me about 2 minutes...easy-peasy. Today I received my reader. So just like that, my business is ready to accept credit - and some debit - cards. Isn’t technology amazing?

Sort of ironic coming from someone who loves vintage...


  1. Love the milk glass. And, the typwriter. I know a young man who has started an antique typewriter collection. He has some really great typewriters already...

  2. Uhh... above comment from Marjie

  3. Test again...