Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Trip to Storage

Hello friends,

I took a trip to my storage space today - trying to remember what all was there. It was fun, and sort of sad, looking at all of the great things. I took a bunch of pictures so I would have a visual record of most of what's there.

It was sad because I wish I had made the sale in July. Looking at everything makes me want to continue picking and finding great stuff...but I don't want to do that until I have a venue for selling. Otherwise, I'll be paying rent for another storage space in which to store great stuff. Not going there... 

Anyway...here are several pics and descriptions - I hope you enjoy. And if you see anything you might want to buy, talk to me...I'm sure we can work something out! 

 Upholstered chair - painted white and upholstered in white - yummy!

 Metal cart - love! It'd be great as a bar, bathroom storage, craft room storage...all kinds of uses.

Demilune table - made out of beautiful cherry wood. This would make a great desk, vanity table or entry table.

Parts cabinet - I love cubbies in anything. It shouts organization to me, something to which I always aspire! 

First Aid cabinet - empty, of course. It's metal so it automatically has a place in my heart.  

Vintage typewriter table (with a vintage typewriter on it!). I'm tempted to keep this...paint it, maybe upholster the top in fabric?

Another vintage typewriter table. I love the wheel covers on this one. 

A rolling metal cabinet - see it back there behind the typewriter table? 

Straight up plain little bookcase...these are great as a side table next to a chair or stacked on another table for some height.

This...is the base for all of those lockers. I think it'd be great as a bench if not used under the lockers.  

Metal chairs, metal stool, shutters and the warehouse cart against the wall...it's my favorite of all.

Wheels on warehouse cart...

See that handle? It'd be great for hanging towels in a large bathroom.

Top shelf of warehouse cart - perfectly rusty!

I'm not sure of the measurments of the warehouse cart but I can see it being used in so many ways - craft room organization, open pantry in a kitchen, linens for a bathroom, books in the living room or an open dresser or bookcase in a bedroom. So flexible!

Talk to you tomorrow...


  1. I think you have some good stuff now you just have to find someone who likes it and buys it from you :-) I like the ideas you give for the items also.

  2. Hi Sissy good stuff....good ideas.....it's all good :-)