Monday, August 20, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Hello Friends,

Look at me, writing a Monday post on Monday – all caught up with myself, mostly.

If I said the weekend was uneventful, would you believe me? I mean I took a break and went to church but other than that, it was taxes, taxes, I said, uneventful. The good news is I’m done! I mean, I’m done with the corporate taxes. There are always other taxes coming along, you know.

Here, at last, is the project I’ve been making those oblique references to for so long:

It’s a mirror and it’s going to be our powder room mirror. I love a round mirror and had my eye on one at Target for quite awhile. I was waiting for it to go on sale but it never happened and then...they stopped carrying it!

So now I’m hooked on a round mirror...I WANT a round mirror, right? Finally found this one at World Market but it was covered with this manky sheet metal stuff and it was ugly - of course I have no before pictures so you’re going to have to trust me on this. I peeled all of that stuff off with pliers and screwdrivers and band-aids (ouch!...and then gloves) and ended up with this mdf-framed mirror.

I wasn't exactly excited about the color once I peeled the metal off. I was going to paint it black - quick and easy! - but waited long enough that this idea bubbled up to the top of my brain and stuck there. What would this frame look like decoupaged with old book pages? I had to try it out.

There's a public library branch near me and they have a little annex that's open every Thursday morning for book sales - both used from the library and those that have been donated by people. There are some great bargains to be had; most things I purchase come in at around $1.00.

With all of my supplies in hand, I started by sanding the mirror lightly and then began to decoupage - about 1/3 is completed in these pics. After I’m finished with the first layer of pages, I’ll decoupage a little more randomly to give it some texture. Then I'll sand it lightly to roughen it up and seal it with a few coats of clear varnish to finish it. Although the finished product might be a little rough, I think it’s going to be very cool when it’s done.

Old book pages + mod podge + mirror and frame = cool new mirror!

Talk to you soon...

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