Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, Monday

Hello peeps!

I was going to start right off complaining about the heat. Then I decided not to. But then, since I already mentioned's so HOT! We are the most lifeless bunch around here.

This weekend, I took a few pictures of a clawfoot tub and telephone bench I'm listing on craigslist.The ads will go up in the morning - I'll add a link in tomorrow's entry.

I've had this tub for awhile, as you can probably tell by the crud around the legs...collecting character, you know? I wanted to put it in our bathroom but I've changed my mind. That's why it's going on the block. 

It's actually in great shape inside, no chips or scratches. It needs refinishing outside (painting will do) and hardware. That's all it'd take to get this tub in shape for lots more bathing to come.


Here's the lovely little telephone bench. It's badly in need of a sanding and, in my opinion, a few good coats of paint. Since it's fairly small, this piece of furniture would be a great way to bring bright color into a room - like red, periwinkle, or turquoise - especially in a neutral space.

What dust? Ha!

I'm mid-way on another project for which I need pictures. It's an inside project - doesn't involve painting, large amounts of space for dismantling, or heavy lifting - so I can do it regardless of the weather or my physical condition.

I'm continuing work on the vintage illustrations, too. I've been advised (thanks, Marjie! :) ) that I should open a separate shop for digital stuff - I think that's great advice so I'm going with it. To that end...another etsy shop on the horizon!

Talk to you soon...

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