Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Cost of Time

 Hello dear friends,

I apologize for my absence yesterday – I was off the grid. Well, I had my cell phone for half the day and then that ran out of power, too. So seriously...I was disconnected.

Here's the story: my sister and I went to visit my mom at the nursing facility to which she moved about 2 months ago. So lots of driving, visiting, and driving.

How is this related to Industrial Country, you’re asking? It’s related because I was gone for about 12 hours. 12 hours not spent adding products to my shop, taking pictures of items to sell, or writing my blog. 12 hours not trying new ideas or researching suppliers.

As a small business owner, especially a business that is in its infancy (not making a dime and certainly not turning a profit!) 12 hours is a LOT of time. But also, as a small business owner, I have the flexibility in my schedule to take that 12 hours and go visit my mom. I may not have a guaranteed income but I have other things of great value.

Yes, I passed up the opportunity to list more products to earn money, but I grabbed the opportunity to spend precious time with my mom. And seeing the smile on her face when we walked around the corner yesterday was worth more than money could ever buy.

Back to our regular channel tomorrow...I promise.


  1. Sissy, She looks so Happy. The smile on her face is worth more than any time you could spend on your business...and as you say you might not be turning a profit but that lady's happiness is profit in the best way ever!!!!

    1. Hello sissy! I have a confession...that picture was taken about 6-12 months ago - I didn't have a camera when we went to visit! She actually looked happier, if that's possible, when we visited. It was very sweet.

  2. Yes, the sweetness of it all, and valuable above and beyond any monetary gain! ...a few hours of stimulating 'shop talk' during the driving was welcome encouragement, as well!!

    1. It was a great day, wasn't it? So thankful for all of the blessings of the day!!