Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Find - 2

Hello friends,

It’s Friday Find day! Let's jump right in:

I found this very cool 4-piece set of vintage Skyway luggage (only 3 in pictures) the other day – it was the first thing I loved when I walked in the store. Not wanting to jump at my first love - we know how that goes! - I checked out the rest of the inventory.

I found a few small knickknacks and a few larger items that I liked but nothing else really caught my fancy. Also...the store was not air-conditioned which can be a deciding factor for me – the hotter it gets, the quicker I shop. And it was getting really hot in there.

(Interior pics of cosmetics case...)

So the luggage set it was. I negotiated the price down a bit and made my purchase.

Why do I love these suitcases? It’s primarily because of their color. I’ve rarely seen vintage white/ivory suitcases much less white/ivory with green leather trim. Not only that, two of the pieces have quilted emerald green cool! Two of the pieces have fairly intact leather trim; the third has moderate damage and the leather on the fourth (not pictured) is outright crunchy!
I believe Skyway is still being manufactured although it may have changed hands a few times. This ad from 1947 (on ebay) depicts this specific luggage so I assume these bags are from the same timeframe, possibly the same year.

Given the choice between new Skyway luggage or vintage, I’d choose these vintage bags every time. I don’t know how to explain it but even with all of their flaws and imperfections, they’re much more beautiful than any new, shiny luggage could ever be. I haven't decided to sell or keep yet - they need a good cleaning first - but I am considering stacking a few of them to use as a side table in our living room. Not only will they look great, they'll make great storage, too.

Have an amazing weekend, my friends.

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  1. Very pretty! And a treat for Monday, too, since I missed it on Friday. How's the keypad disguise coming along?