Friday, August 17, 2012

Quickbooks Calling

<<<<< EDITED POST >>>>>
I was planning on posting this entry yesterday after my therapy. I should have known better than to plan anything for after therapy. So here it is, Thursday's post. Check back later this afternoon for Friday's Friday Find (is that redundant?)
<<<<< EDITED POST >>>>>

Hello peeps!

What? I didn’t hear you...

Where’ve I been? Let me give you a few hints: it has nothing to do with fun, it has everything to do with money and the government is involved. Any guesses? That’s right...taxes!

I’ve been head down in financial software updating information necessary to submit everything to our accountant. Mr. Bee and I both have corporations and our returns (postponed from March) are due on September 15. I’m the financial guru (HA!) in our household so I get the pain pleasure of handling all of the gory details.

This aspect of small business ownership is probably my least favorite - I’m pretty sure it is for a lot of small business owners. It’s not that it’s so difficult; it’s just overhead - time that doesn’t directly contribute to the bottom line. And it's not creative. Nor fun. But it's gotta be done.

It’s hard for me to disconnect from creating altogether, though, even when Quickbooks calls. So...I’ve been dabbling in small projects. The vintage illustrations are coming along and I’ve been designing some small sets of cards – red-stitched white cards (pics below show practice stitches) fabric stickers, etc. I'm still waiting to get some pictures of another project I'm working on - not to be all mysterious but I want to have visuals when I talk about it.

These two are my favorite.
Oh! I listed the claw foot tub on craigslist as well as a little “gossip” bench I have. No responses so far so I’ll keep bumping the ads until I, hopefully, get a response.

My second therapy is this afternoon; my back is definitely improving. Hopefully, I can cut back on muscle relaxers and, since the weather, too, seems to be cooperating (coming back down closer to 100), I’m anticipating a much more active week next week. Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow is Friday's Find.

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  1. stuff. That's enough to give me a backache for sure. But I'm happy to read that the therapy is helping...

    Fabric stickers? --Cool idea!

    Love you.