Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Studio A Go-Go

Hello lovely people,

Here I am! 

I know my absence from the blogosphere has got all the media outlets in an uproar (what Presidential Convention?) so I'm back to still the masses begging for the return of Bee to Industrial Country.

Too over the top?


I'm back at the helm of Industrial Country, trying to get back into a sort of routine to keep this little cottage industry going. Here are a few snaps from the wedding - it was so gorgeous and extremely intimate - just a fantastically lovely time with some very dear friends.

Beautiful, beautiful dress...

Beautiful, beautiful bouquet!

I wasn't the official photographer which is great news for the bride because almost every picture I took was blurry! Thank heaven for Photoshop...

Since I've been back, I've recovered from 3 days of celebrating and travel (including a short visit to see my Mom), picked up another piece of cool furniture (that I bought a long time ago - pics tomorrow), sat with Papa, had more therapy and have begun cleaning my studio. And I'm still in various stages on several projects I'm already doing.

Attempting organization... 

I've noticed that cleaning the studio is a recurring theme with most creative people. So much stuff; such small stuff; such useful stuff; such difficult-to-manage stuff! It spreads all over the room when you're not looking. It falls on the floor and rolls under doors. Before you know it, work surfaces are covered with a scary combination of who knows what all?

Progress...but labels are badly needed!

So I'm back in the battle, trying to corral bits and bobs and make some useful and necessary order of it. It's almost futile, it seems, but I'm not giving up yet. I've seen the enemy, and the enemy is...conquerable? I think.

Here's what...if you don't hear from me in a few more days, better send in scouts. They might find me buried under some random pile of crafty excess...but at least I'll have a smile on my face!

Talk  to you soon...

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