Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Round Up

Hello friends,

I've got lots of stuff going on - so many projects in the works and so many products to list on etsy so I'm hitting the highlights today...

First of all, this?

Works! Like a top. Actually, it's a little slow to start but once I put some pressure on the foot pedal, it took off. It's so steady - lovely little machine. I listed it on etsy Saturday.

Just got our Sunset magazine late last week and look what I see...a story about a restored travel trailer. It looks great - slightly altered - but so cozy. It has a powder room - no shower, tho! - so, dear friends, if my Trailer of Dreams is similarly equipped, I might be planting it at your curb occasionally for a personal hygience pitstop. Consider this fair warning...

One of my favorite picking haunts has closed...I'm bummed! Not only was it a great store but the owner was very cool...I'll miss it.

Here's a new product on etsy today. Not exactly heavy metal, but I'm getting there...

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