Monday, July 23, 2012

Etsy Here We Go!

Hello friends,

Have you missed me? Did you think I fell in a big crafty/picking/remodeling hole?

Not so, my friends. I've been working on all kinds of things but mostly my etsy shop. And...I didn't work at all over the weekend which is pretty rare for me. I just hung out with Mr. Bee and Papa (my father-in-law) and our furry kits Chloe and Gracie.

But I did it. I've officially opened Industrial Country on etsy. I'm so happy. There are only about 10 6 items but that's good enough for me! I have several more things to list but I'm really struggling with the time it takes to create each listing. It's not etsy. It's my internet painfully slow. I'm going to have to start hanging out in Starbucks to jump on their wireless network and get my work done faster. And possibly look for a new provider, yes?

I've tried to upload pictures on etsy and here on my blog...for the last two's not working. Seriously (and you thought I was joking...). I think this the first time I'm publishing a post without pictures. And it's also why I only listed six products in my shop...just couldn't wait any longer to launch and I pushed the button! So there you go. I'm a shopkeeper.

I have much more to share with you about other things that happened last week. Let's talk tomorrow!


  1. YAYYYY!!!!! I'm sooo excited for you!! I knew that once you opened your shop, you'd be able to settle down and just work on managing + adding more items. Your pins are so cute, and I love that you're adding some vintage housewares, too. about a pic of one of your pins, close up shot, as your shop avatar? Just to get some color and personality to replace that blue/white silhouette? Again, I'm just soo soo happy for you--so fun!! :)

  2. I am a vintage lover and work on my stuff all the time too.
    I know what it's like to work work work. I am glad to hear you took a day off for a change to enjoy Mr. Bee and PaPa. Why do you call your animals Kits??? Is that a pet name (pun intended) for Kats, Kats or Kids??
    Signed: Vintage Lover Libby or Lovley Libby