Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finally - Flower Pots!

Remember the flower pot project I was talking about? Okay, so here’s the story - finally.

I really love cake stands, display stands - anything that makes ordinary things more special by giving them their own stage. The stands I like can be expensive, though, especially if I'd like more than one size. Then it occurred to me...what if I used flower pots and drainage trays to make inexpensive (and great looking) stands?

So I bought a few pots and a few trays. I had white spray paint and glue on hand. I laid things out, gave it all two good coats of white paint, marked the center of the (painted) drainage tray with a pencil ‘X’, and applied glue to the bottom rim of the flower pot. I turned the tray upside down, centered the hole in the flower pot over the ‘X’ on the tray and applied pressure. Once the glue was semi-dry, I applied weight (my laptop, actually) and left the whole thing to dry.

And that was it. It took an afternoon and about $2.00 in supplies. SO easy and so many options for personalizing: use different colors of paint, use different combinations of pots and trays, or use different trims for seasonal decorating. Or this: leave a few unpainted (natural terra cotta), tye some raffia around the base, fill them with sand and use them outdoors for summer evening candlelight?

(Full disclosure: Yes, that is a large speaker in the left background and yes, it's ugly.)

(Full disclosure(2): I did not make these cookies.)

I’m going to make (at least) one larger one when I have more paint. This is what I’ll do differently, though: one more coat of paint, 3 tota); two coats of sealer; and have more than one can of paint on hand when starting the project.

PLEASE NOTE: These stands are NOT food safe. Use a liner – doilies, parchment paper, etc. - if you’re planning on serving food.

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