Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Picking My Garage

Hello friends,

I ventured forth, the other day, into wild and uncharted territory...our garage. And I was amazed at what I came out with!

First of all... I can’t even begin to explain our garage. It’s a mess - boxes, furniture, tools, pieces of pool equipment, (OLD) paint, a cast iron claw foot tub, water bottles...I could go on but I think you get the point. It’s an ongoing project in donation, elimination and organization.

Anyway...I headed out there to find something (I can’t remember what) and came back in with all sorts of treasures I didn’t even know existed. 

Here’s the list:

Vintage Hoe (head)
Ticking fabric
Display shelf
Spray paint gun with directions(!)
Two metal/wood sawhorses

I’ve wanted an old rusty hoe (just the head) to hang on our wall for awhile now; I’ve wanted a spray gun for painting a few of my larger pieces; and I’ve been planning on making some pillows with ticking fabric for awhile, too. The sawhorses will make a great base for a farm table and the display shelf will make a great repurposed mirror or blackboard. Who knew all these great things were only 12 feet away, in my own garage? I scored...and all for free!

Ironically, this stuff has probably been there all along (at least for the 10 years we’ve lived here). It just took opening a few boxes and looking at things in a different light to recognize their value.

Not to get all philosophical but I think, sometimes, it works the same way with people, don’t you?   

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