Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Large and in Charge

Hello friends,

Busy days here at the Industrial Country studio. I’m excited about so many things, products, etsy, new ideas, and potential. My mind just buzzes (like a Bee - heh) with so many ideas, it’s difficult to keep it focused in one direction – it’s a daily effort at self-discipline and focus. But the results are worth it.

Here's another set of lockers I have for sale – you may have seen pieces of the set in other pictures. It's very large - a wall of metal goodness. 12 lockers in all, it’s 5 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 15 inches deep. All of the lockers open; all of the combination locks are drilled for safety purposes.

Here’s (almost) the best part, though. This set of lockers has a stand! The stand is 12 inches high and the set rests snugly within it. I don’t have any pictures of the stand – it’s in my storage space. (The lockers are in my free storage space: the driveway. Heh heh.) The stand has enough room to put baskets under it if you want to get all hyper-organized...

I’m listing the set on Craigslist. I’ll be selling the stand as an option since some might prefer the lockers, only. In reality, the stand is nice and chippy and maybe even a little rusty. With some salvaged wood, it would make a fantastic industrial and country bench for farm table, porch or patio.

By the way, I’ll have a bunch of blooms to show you tomorrow. Oh! One of the things that's keeping me so busy is a big studio clean/reorganize/remodel. I’ll have before and after pictures in awhile. It's driving me a bit nuts not being able to work in there right now so it won't be too much longer.


  1. i have never done craigs list. how do i find you there? i love your treasures!

  2. Love those lockers!! If I could find a place to put them, I would grab them from you in a minute...can't wait to see your blooms and your 'before' and 'after' shots. I love before and after photos, most of the time...hey, if you get a chance, glide over to iTag Studios' facebook page and check out the photos that the nice woman who owns a company called Tech Candy Cases sent to us. She use the Lit Michelle chandelier to illuminate/decorate her showroom at the Atlanta Gift Show earlier this month in Birmingham, AL. We were so excited!! Love...

  3. How much do you want for these as they are with the rack?

    1. Hello, This set, with the stand, is $750. The stand and this locker set measure 6 ft wide by 6 ft high.

      Thanks for your question!