Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Matters

Hello friends – happy Monday!

I had a great weekend – nothing spectacular, just a nice calm time. My Sunday routine is fairly set: up at 5:30, early church, errands, take out lunch, TV movies with Mr. Bee and papa, naps for everyone and a quiet night. I love a good nap, I’ll admit, and it’s so hot here on summer afternoons...a nap helps sleep some of the heat away.

One of the errands I ran yesterday was to the local JoAnn Superstore. It’s such a fun, stimulating place... makes me want to get my craft on. I bought a few things to finish up existing projects and start some new ones. Flower pots, foam wreaths, covered buttons – you’ll see most of it in the coming days.

Actually, here are the covered buttons in action... very quick and easy, just a few steps.

Remember these ‘prototypes’? I wanted the covered buttons to finish them. Here are the finished products.

These flowers are so easy to make, although a little time consuming – I think I’ll  put an instruction sheet together for those who want to create their own. The possibilities for mixing and matching, especially with all of the amazing fabrics and trims out there, are practically endless.

This picture is of my laptop screen, looking at my sister’s etsy shop, and setting up my own. Notice anything...or should I say anyone? Chloe is so curious and helpful, yes? I can hardly begin or finish any project without at least a little ‘input’ from her.

Lastly, I started a flower pot project today. It should be finished tomorrow - I’ll have more pictures then. It’s that quick and easy so more details with the pictures. And oh! I’ll have an update on the locker sitch tomorrow, too.

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  1. Girl, get those fabric flowers up on etsy YESTERDAY!! They're so cute, and very vintage-hip!! And, I say, make a pdf instruction sheet/pattern, so if the peeps want to make their own, they can purchase the instruction sheet--no shipping for you!!