Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Separation Anxiety

Hello friends,

I obviously didn’t write a blog entry yesterday so let me start with the promised update on the locker status – separation has occurred...and so has a little separation anxiety.

So you see the larger locker set split into two, right? It was relatively easy, especially after Mr. Bee helped. There were, literally two nuts and two bolts holding the whole works together. A little wd-40, a little twist here and lift there – it was done.

But then, I noticed it...the institutional green paint on the sides of each separated unit. Ooh...separation anxiety! Of course all that lovely red paint wouldn’t cover the middle – it was painted as one unit.
After looking more closely, the red paint job was done poorly, overall. I might have to apply a little elbow grease to make it alright. I’m tempted to leave the paint colors as they are, though, especially with a bench in between the two – only a portion of the green would actually be seen. We’ll see...

This is my mom’s hope chest. It’s what I’m going to put between the two lockers. It’s our living room coffee table right now. It, too, needs a little TLC – getting rid of the old, outdated stenciling and sanding it a bit, maybe add some red accents. Next is a foam cushion for seating and it's on to the next phase of  the back porch entry project.
We're undergoing a whole-house renovation (although Mr. Bee doesn’t know it). It’s a multi-phase, multi-step-within-each-phase project – especially since I’m doing it on a budget like everyone else on this planet. I’ve got plans for changes to every room – starting from simple paint all the way to remodeling the kitchen/dining room. It can be done, it will be done! Let’s just hope it’s not the never-ending story...

Stay tuned, I'm hoping to post another entry later today!


  1. When you are done with this project it is going to be so cute and original....LOVE IT!!!

  2. Thank you, Deena! I'm eager to get it done. Love you!

  3. Bee, the anxiety level couldn't be too bad as the right locker is still smiling.
    I don't mind that green paint one bit.

  4. Bee,
    The green on the locker goes with the green stenciling that you are going to remove....just saying. I just love those fabric flower buttons, so please do publish the instructions. I'm thinking I could use them on my tote bags.

  5. Hey, I recognize that hope chest :) My two cents say leave the green on the lockers--the hope chest in the middle is going to look very nice!!