Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To Be Now or To Be Later

Hello friends,

What? I'm sorry? You were asking where Industrial Country on etsy is? Ha...it's still in production. Because I'm not done with it yet. I know, I know...it doesn't have to be perfect, I know the shop won't be hit with thousands of customers the first day, I know that things are always fixable.

I've just been giving a lot of thought to what I really want Industrial Country to be. It's hard to explain. I want it to be organized and thoughtful, fun and different...an actual shop rather than a random collection of things I've picked up.

I have a chance to do a 'line' of items, not a huge one, but a small handmade collection of items that complement the vintage items I'll carry. At first...fabric flowers, pillows, maybe a few lampshades, some paper goods: tags, flat cards and labels; fabric covered boxes.

I'm just going to be a bit more choosy about what I carry altogether. I want cohesive and ordered. Like a curated collection, if that makes sense. I'll also release products slowly, initially. At first, the flowers. Then pillows. Then, well, whatever I feel like releasing next.

Look at all that lovely metal!
I went to my storage space today. I took a picture of what the unit looks like...all stuffed. I'm starting to list some of the larger things on Craigslist. I'd love a few quick sales to start the ball rolling on getting that storage space emptied out.

More metal, more wheels, lovely vintagey goodness!
Because, really, if I keep finding all kinds of good stuff...I'm going to need the space to put it!

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